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#HitIt The Ultimate Guide To Drum Programming

Hit it#HitIt is a new e-book on drum programming from Chris Nothdurfter.

This 150+ page guide to is packed with practical tips, tricks and advice to get your programmed drums sounding realistic and professional.


The book starts out with a brief explanation of the drum kit, MIDI mapping, note values, tempo and time signature, then right into programming the first beat less than 30 pages in. The book covers programming beats for pop, rock, and metal, humanizing and working in odd time signatures. The last bonus chapter covers mixing because programming is only half of how a drum kit sounds.

Here’s a look inside the book

No matter which DAW you use, or which drum sampler you use, you’re going to get a lot out of this e-book. Chris does a great job at explaining everything without getting overly technical. Even complex topics like music theory are explained simply. Find out more and buy #HitIt today


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