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New Amplitube Custom Shop Gear and 3 for 1 credit sale

IK Multimedia’s Spread The Cred group buy has reached the 1000 user 3 for 1 deal. When you buy Amplitube Custom Shop credits this month you get 3x more! If 2000 users buy credits this month everyone gets 4x.

Even sweeter is the new gear just added to Custom Shop. 3 new Orange Amps with matching cabs and the Carvin V3M and cab are now available.

  • Orange® OR50 head brings back those late ‘60s and early ‘70s beefy British-rock crunch tones, yet cleans up nicely with a twist of your guitar’s volume knob. It’s a 50-watt all-tube model featuring a simple control layout: Preamp Gain, 3-band EQ, HF (high-frequency) Drive, and a Master Volume.
  • Orange® AD200 Bass Mark III offers straight up bass tone with simple controls and beautifully constructed bass response. The original amp was so good that for years it was the only bass amp Orange manufactured.
  • Orange® Dual Terror is a dual-channel amp features a “Fat” channel for ultra-warm rhythm and smooth-distorted lead tones, and the “Tiny Terror” channel, which dials in tones from clean to ear-crushing.
  • Orange® Bass Cabinets include the Orange OBC410, the OBC-115 Single 15”, and the OBC-810 8×10”.
  • Carvin® V3M guitar head, features 3-channel operation plus a global master-control section. Channels 1 and 2 are identical “lead” channels, each with a 3-way drive switch, channel volume and 3-band EQ with an EQ “X” control for adjusting the mid-frequency point of the bass and treble controls. Channel 3 is the “clean” channel, with a 3-way drive control and the same EQ setup. The master section controls the overall volume, reverb and Boost levels. The IK model features a selectable power mode with 50W, 22W or 7W options.
  • Carvin 2×12 V3M, the matching cabinet for V3M.

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