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Month: September 2012

Review – Soniccouture Crowd Choir for Kontakt

A while ago James at Soniccouture contacted me about their new crowd-sourced sampling project called Crowd Choir. 1000 participants from all over the world contributed 4000 voice recordings to the project. The result is a 500MB sampled choir spanning 3 octaves. 1000 voices in 1000 different mics in 10000 different rooms. Pretty cool idea and it turned out very well. I don’t normally review sample libraries but I made an exception because it’s a unique idea, it’s useful, inexpensive and it’s for a charity.

Soniccouture Crowd Choir
Soniccouture Crowd Choir

How to use Multiband Compression

A multiband compressor is a powerful tool for controlling dynamics. The signal is split into 3 or more frequency ranges and processed independently. This is different from a standard compressor which operates on the entire frequency range at once.

Standard compressors are great, but sometimes you’ll find that with any significant amount of gain reduction you start to get a very dull sound. With Multiband compression Each frequency range has an independent compressor so a source that has a lot of mid frequencies might end up with very little compression in the high frequencies, maintaining the brightness of the source.


Being able to apply different attack, release, ratio and makeup gain to low, mid and high frequencies gives enormous control. Unfortunately it can be tricky to set up it can do a lot of damage to the audio. It’s a tool you need to be extremely careful with. Used right it can be much more transparent than a standard single-band compressor.


Ibanez ’83 Roadstar II electric bass

Last night I was a a client’s house helping with his setup. He had this old Ibanez bass sitting in the corner, it looked interesting…