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This is smart: adater for useless Delta 1010 rack

What is the adater?

The ADATer is an easy-to-use connector-size box designed for use with a rack unit of widely spread M-Audio Delta 1010 soundcards.

ADATer turns your DELTA 1010 rack unit into a stand alone 8-IN 8-OUT Analog-to-Lightpipe / Lightpipe-to-Analog converter. It provides two Lightpipe (TOSLINK) connectors, one Input and one Output and is designed to work without a computer. It uses the ADAT™ communication protocol which allows the use of 8 channels of 16 or 24 bit encoded digital audio each way.

More info:
More info:


This is fucking smart. M-Audio abandoned the Delta 1010 (for a short time they made a similar ADAT expansion but it still required the PCI card connection to the computer) and Dangerous Devices creates a simple product to keep them from going to waste or filling the tech garbage dumps.

I don’t have a Delta 1010 rack, BUT there is always a ton of cheap ones on eBay (~$100). There aren’t many ADAT devices without preamps, and there aren’t ANY inexpensive options. The Delta 1010 is not a pro unit, but certainly useable. I’m considering ordering a 1010 and adater to use as a line level digital patchbay for my cheap rack gear.


  1. Matt Haw
    Matt Haw September 30, 2011

    How much? I can’t seem to find a price anywhere. This is a great solution to use my old 1010s that wont work with my laptop.

    • Jon
      Jon September 30, 2011

      The last price I saw was £99. You’ll have to email them to order.

  2. Matt Haw
    Matt Haw September 30, 2011

    Not too bad, its a better use for my 1010 than using it as a space heater! Thanks for finding this one Jon.

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