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There’s a fun meme happening on Twitter right now started by @RandyCoppinger #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer

Here are the highlights so far.

CalebBHawkins: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer You look at speakers on the curb during trash day and think: subkick or reamp?
Thomasdulin: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer if while playing an instrument, you visualize the transients and waveforms of what you’re playing.
RandyCoppinger: If you get into an argument with a car salesman about what 5.1 means #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer
CalebBHawkins: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer The Muzak in the steakhouse has a 18Khz whine in it and it makes you not want to tip.
lukearens: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer if you wear earplugs when going outside, because the cicadas in Missouri measure 95dbspl
MrStonebender: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer if you compliment a band on the room they played in, and not their performance.
SoundHow: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer if you think Glynis Johns ( ) is a drum mic’ing technique
SoundHow: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer if you get a little thrill when you see these #’s in the “real world”: 57, 87, 421, 1176, 1073, 512, 66
SoundHow: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer if you call volume controls “attenuators”
niall_obrien: #youmightbearecordingengineer If you can’t stand to listen to what’s generally regarded as a great album, because of its poor production.
RandyCoppinger: If you get your ears flushed clean by the Dr. and look forward to improved high frequency perception #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer
enzian69: If your wife SENDs you out for some milk and you RETURN with a reverb #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer
RandyCoppinger: If your favorite part of the President’s speech was 6k Hz #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer.
RandyCoppinger: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer if you soak your Cheerios in milk a bit longer to roll off the high end.
analoguepilot: #youmightbearecordingengineer if you watch live concerts but miss the entire show cus you were trying to see all the mic placements.
CobaltAudio: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer if you take your own headphones to use with the in-flight entertainment system
ianshepherd: If you find yourself it itching to sort the EQ out on the mic at your local pub quiz #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer
theaudiogeek: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer if you clap to check the acoustics of EVERY room you walk into.
theaudiogeek: If you wear hearing protection while vacuuming…#YouMightBeARecordingEngineer
RandyCoppinger: If you own something “better than a 58” #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer
jrlinks: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer if you always carry a bag of CDs with your name printed in the liner notes.
RandyCoppinger: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer if you always carry hearing protection with you.
audioalt: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer If you are wearing a black t-shirt.
DoctorMowinckel: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer If there’s a pop filter on your kitchen counter and that’s just how things are at your place.
analoguepilot: #youmightbearecordingengineer if you watch live concerts but miss the entire show cus you were trying to see all the mic placements.
thomasdulin: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer if you decide to tell everyone every time you recognize a mic on tv.
prodAdvice: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer if you can’t watch Glee without getting really, really angry
SlauBeSharp: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer if you use a pop filter when ordering at the drive thru kiosk.
RandyCoppinger: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer if you hate talking on the phone because it sounds bad.
allenwagner: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer If you actually dream of cool new ways to configure your patchbay, and you remember it in the morning.
RecordingRoom: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer if you purposefully name your kids so their initials are SSL, API and UAD
ianshepherd: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer if you use “mp3” as a term of abuse
ngweesiong: #youmightbearecordingengineer if you use pink/green/blue/white/other colored noise as your ringtone to differentiate from others.
JasonMiller0607: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer if you think it’s awesome when you see the letters “ADR” or “SPL” on a license plate.
CalebBHawkins: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer If you ask for a slinky for Christmas so you can make your own reverb unit with a little bit of solder and…
Famoustzvi: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer If every time u get into your friends car u tweak the EQ trying to get it as good as possible
gokulabhi: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer if you step out for coffee n car horns seem to be in the key of the song you’ve been working on!
Famoustzvi: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer If you can’t go to sleep till you do your daily visit to recording blogs
RandyCoppinger: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer if using ear buds *still* makes you angry/sad.
RandyCoppinger: If you have a Twitter account for the expressed purpose of talking about microphones #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer
RandyCoppinger: If you hate a light fixture because of the noise it makes #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer
RandyCoppinger If the thing you hate most about local advertisements is the poor audio quality #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer
Shizuhi: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer if you cringe when you see 2 people listen to music with one using the left earpiece and the other the right.
Famoustzvi: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer When your wife tels u 2 go hang out with your geeky friends becuz she can’t take listening 2 u talk abut sound
allenwagner: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer If you actually dream of cool new ways to configure your patchbay, and you remember it in the morning.
Famoustzvi: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer When watching a movie with your wife she tells U stop talking abt the sound design Im trying 2 enjoy the movie
CalebBHawkins: If you keep copies of TapeOp magazine in your bathroom #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer
CalebBHawkins: If you can’t make it through the month without using the soldering iron at least once! #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer
SoundHow: #youmightbearecordingengineer if you lust after Neve… … yeah, there’s no “Campbell” coming after that
audioissues: #youmightbearecordingengineer if you ask the person in the center of the cinema to move because he won’t appreciate the sound like you do
melissaatwell: You take your favorite CDs that will likely never be remastered & remaster them yourself #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer.
melissaatwell: If the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear “baffle” is acoustic dampening, #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer.
benpeilow: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer if you check that you can still hear frequencies above 16khz every now and again.
audioissues: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer if you sit at the pool and think the sound of the water might make a nice foley effect…
melissaatwell: If you choose which movie theatre to go to, based on how it sounds, #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer.
allenwagner: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer if you follow @RandyCoppinger
RandyCoppinger: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer if you avoid some restaurants simply because of the acoustics.
lexiin: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer if you read the #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer lists and recognise identical subjects from your own tweets.
melissaatwell: If you’ve actually done a “null test” between DAW #1 and DAW #2, #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer.
MelissaAtwell: If you know what AES/EBU, LTC SMPTE, MIDI, ADAT Lightpipe, Wordclock, S/PDIF, +4 or -10, TRS, & XLR mean, #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer
melissaatwell: When choosing a TV & stand, the 1st thing you think is “where will the center speaker go?” #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer.
melissaatwell: If you *must* fix the hyped EQ settings on a rental car audio system, #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer.
luisherranz: if you always start singing notes until you get a cool resonance when you walk into… a public bathroom #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer
ianshepherd: Ever spent time listening to the differences between two things that later turned out to be identical? #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer
ianshepherd: If you’ve ever said “I love drummers who sing!” #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer NOT
ianshepherd: If you’ve ever contributed to a Twitter hashtag called #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer then odds are…
luisherranz: if you refresh every hour to see if there is a new beta of Reaper #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer
MelissaAtwell: Wish you could turn down that one guitar part on that song on the radio, then the mix would be perfect? #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer.
BenPeilow: #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer if you get excited about the next SoundOnSound magazine coming out.
RandyCoppinger: If microphones are kryptonite for your bank account #YouMightBeARecordingEngineer


  1. online mastering
    online mastering June 13, 2011

    Funny stuff, enjoyed the read. It is surprsing the things I consider related to audio whilst lying in bed. It’s great to be involved in something your love though.

  2. famoustzvi
    famoustzvi June 13, 2011

    After showing this to my wife, she told me, “I’m definitely married to a recording engineer.” We had a real laugh!!!

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