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"I don't make music to impress engineers."

The other day I saw a post from Brandon Drury where he was responding to criticism of the source material for his analog summing shootout.

No one likes to see complaints about the things we’ve devoted our lives to.

One thing he said was “I don’t make music to impress engineers.” and I thought that was awesome it made me think. At a certain point in our careers, we know that we do good work. And at a certain point we have to trust ourselves and really not worry about what anyone (other than the clients of course!) thinks about our recordings, mixes, songs etc.

Don’t try to impress anyone except yourself (and your clients). If you know you did your best job, there’s no reason to second guess yourself. I don’t mean you should be arrogant, just confident in your abilities and the work you do.


  1. online mastering
    online mastering April 27, 2011

    I completely agree with this, though if your mix balance is off kilter and it’s full of pops, clicks, bad edits and glitches you are shooting yourself in the foot IMO. There needs to be a bare minimum of audio engineering qualities going on IMO.

    • Jon
      Jon April 29, 2011

      Well I don’t think anyone could honestly say they did their best if the result had pops, clicks, and bad edits. I do know that not everyone will love your mix no matter what. There’s always something to nitpick and tweak.

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