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REAPER Track Template for Steven Slate Drums

Setting up the multichannel output for Kontakt in Reaper is not the easiest thing in the world. I set it up a few times and it’s not fun. The last time I got it set up perfectly I saved it as a track template and now I can instantly open Kontakt and all the extra tracks with everything routed and named properly. This saves a ton of time!
Because it’s such a pain I’ve decided to share my template with you.

Steven Slate REAPER Template

Installation instructions:
Download file: Steven Slate Drums Track Template
Open Reaper, go to the options menu and select “Show REAPER resource path in explorer/finder…”
Navigate to the “Track Templates folder”
Move the file into this folder. Close explorer/finder
Back in Reaper, go to the “Track” menu, select “Insert Track From Template”>Steven Slate Drums Multi-Out
Note- Whenever you load a new kit, you need to push the “Reset Out Map” in the Kontakt mixer section.
Note 2 – This is made for Steven Slate Drums 3.5 and Kontakt 4.
I also have a Pro Tools template for this.

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  1. fg
    fg August 22, 2011

    wow, thanks for the ssd template.perhaps you saved my life

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