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Free Sound Of The Week 02

Free Sound Of The Week is a new weekly series here on AGZ, once a week I’m going to share a couple sound samples I’ve recorded or created and manipulated.

These samples we’ll call Household Drones. Big rumbly low frequency drones. They were created by attaching a contact microphone to various home appliances – air conditioner, large room fan, inside a freezer and refrigerator. Each sample is long, ranging from 3 to 4.5 minutes long (for seamless loops) and recorded at a high sample rate 96kHz (for clean time-stretching) and unprocessed.

Download 1 min preview MP3s below and 24 bit – 96kHz Wav files here: Free Sound 02 RAR

Air Conditioner

[1 min preview mp3]

Big Fan

[1 min preview mp3]


[1 min preview mp3]

Big Fan

[1 min preview mp3]

Hope you like these and find them useful. If you do find them useful let me know.
More samples next week!


  1. Nick Maxwell
    Nick Maxwell November 3, 2009

    Great stuff, looks like everyone’s got the contact mic itch right now. I especially loved the “fan” sample!

  2. Joe Gilder
    Joe Gilder November 3, 2009

    I vote for the fan sample, too. Sounds like a freaking helicopter.

    I’m gonna have to write some music that lends itself to fan noises now.

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