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Mastering With Multiband Compression E-Book

Last week Ian Shepherd (, mastering engineer and friend of AGZ) announced the release of his first instructional E-Book Mastering with Multiband Compression.

There is a basic and enhanced edition. The enhanced version has a bonus 1hr tutorial video, and audio examples for just $10 more.
Here is the sales page:
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Ian sent me an advance copy and I was quite impressed. I sent him a short review for his sales page.

ā€œI already use multiband compression in my mixing and mastering, but this eBook made me realize Iā€™d been taking some things for granted. Reading it I gained new strategies, a greater understanding of the parameters and new ideas I can implement into my mastering projects right awayā€ Jon Tidey, Audio Geek Zine

And this is the truth. Ian’s approach is different than the way I’ve taught myself to use multiband compression over the past couple years. I haven’t been doing it completely wrong but I now know why on several occasions it hasn’t worked as well as I’d hoped. Multiband compression was never as transparent as I’d like and it was so easy to overdo it. I know this is a common complaint about multiband compression and Ian’s book has the solution. The starting point, strategy and tips will change the way you misuse multiband compression.