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Tag: bass guitar

Bass Guitar Recording

Bass doesn’t always get the attention it deserves in a recording situation. I see a lot of home recordists rush through bass recording, only to later be frustrated with the bass when it comes time for mixing. It’s really too bad because it’s the foundation of the song. A great bass will groove tight with the drums and support the guitars. Fitting it in the mix will take minimal effort and you will be loving life.

A great recording starts with a great source. When it comes to tracking bass guitar, the source is comprised of many factors:


  • Technique and playing position – Playing with a pick or with fingers or thumb. Intensity, Playing close to the bridge, in the middle or close to the neck. Choose what is appropriate for the song
  • What is played – playing bass lines that serve the song and don’t clash with the drums or guitars rhythmically or melodically.
  • Tuning – Check the tuning often


  • Strings – new strings usually sound best and give you the brightest tone to start with.
  • Electronics (Pickups and EQ) – The pickup selection and tone settings
  • Wood and construction – The wood used in the neck and body really effect the sound. Maple and Ash are bright and punchy, mahogany is thicker and darker.

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