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Toys Breaking

Over 1400 samples of circuitbent toys in CD quality. Standard 16 bit, 44.1 kHz WAV files$15

Starting as a personal project, months laboring over a hot soldering iron, days of manual editing, and some 3rd degree burns later I get the idea that people might want to use these as well. Over 1400 samples of circuitbent toys in CD quality. Standard 16 bit, 44.1 kHz WAV files.

Ass Intruder – A toy gun only labeled intruder. Pitch controls were added.
Casio SA-10 – a small toy keyboard with a tendency to glitch aggressively.
Casio SA-20 – a larger version of the SA-10, similar but different glitches.
Casio SK-1 – One of the first affordable sampling keyboards, extremely lo-fi, but loads of fun to play. Various glitches, drones and noises resulting from extensive short circuiting of the main ICs.
Fisher Price Keyboard – A very sweet lo-fi electric piano, which when modified was one of the most terrifying beasts I’ve ever heard. This one was sampled with every combination of bend as well as the original clean sound.
Furby – Random vocal glitches and garbled speech from this hideous little robot.
Little Talking Scholar – Loads of garbled alien speech, some glitchy sounds and some beeps.
Mystery Meat Machine – Various animal sounds came from this unlabeled toy, clock speed and distortion controls were added. Named such because the sounds it made were of animals that go into hot dogs and other delights.
Phonics A-Z – Low frequency tones, distortion, robot breaths and detuned noises.
Playschool KidKeys – Just some distorted, detuned drum sounds for you.
Sax-A-Boom – A noisy SOB, I only got a few samples from it before it self destructed.
V-Tech Smart Start Elite – More glitchy speech, noises and some tones
TI Speak & Math – A classic target for circuitbenders, highly ‘bendable’, and very easy to coax new sounds out of.
TI Speak & Spell – Needs no introduction, just have a listen.
Talking Smart Start Scholar – Another one from V-tech, but very different sounds from the others.
Coleco Talking Teacher – This one is by far the most fun to play because of the looping switches added. There are 276 samples in this set!
Toy Park Keys – a little toy with a pitch control, just 11 samples in this set, what I thought were most useful.
Yamaha DD50 Drum machine – I made 228 samples of this piece of junk, all percussion sounds.

Pictures of some of the toys here: Bent Gallery



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