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AGZFX02: Baby Pianos

3 Baby toy Pianos, 24-bit 96kHz WAV Files + KONTAKT patches


This sample library contains the sounds from three baby pianos captured in stereo at 96kHz and at multiple velocities. Two of the pianos had 4 keys, the third had 8. Noise reduction was used to increase dynamic range. The edited WAV files (included) were used to create KONTAKT instruments that span several more octaves than the original toys. There are 5 KONTAKT instruments for each of the 3 pianos with various effects and manipulations. You will find the distinctive clink, fast transient, bright ringing and slightly off-tune sound of the baby pianos useful for music and sound design projects.

QTY: 60 Stereo audio files + 15 KONTAKT patches
Format: WAV 24 bit, 96kHz