AGZFX04: Pink Piano Free


The Pink Piano is made from a First Act brand “Grand Piano” I found at a thrift store. It’s made of cheap wood and the sound is created by the clacky plastic keys hitting some metal tines inside. It sounds broken. My kid loves it and like all musical toys I buy, I planned to meticulously sample it.

The recording was done at 24-bit; 96kHz using a pair of small diaphragm cardioid condensers and an omni condenser in the center. Each note was recorded at 3 velocities. Noise reduction was applied, the three mics were mixed, then each note was cut with the perfect start time, length and each set of velocities was set to specific peak levels. Finally the files were mapped across the keys in KONTAKT. This was all incredibly time consuming.



  • 1 KONTAKT instrument consisting of 103 stereo wav files.
  • Format: 24-bit, 44.1kHz (converted from 96kHz source)
  • Each key of the toy piano sampled at 3 velocities.
  • Extra samples of smacking the soundboard, dropping it and other noises.

Demo tracks


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