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9 things I learned from watching myse...


I spent a lot of time watching myself mix while editing my Mixing in REAPER Vol 1 video series. I’ve learned quite a bit from it and I think these things are worth pointing out. I work pretty quickly, I don’t spend a lot of time on things that won’t matter much. I don’t overthink […]

Film sound editing presentation at Va...

Humberto Corte’s presentation on sound editing at the sound designers meetup

Waves Behind the Plugins Documentary

Learn about what goes into the development of Waves plugins in this new documentary.

Mixing EDM tutorial series from Matth...

Mixing EDM tutorial series from Matthew Weiss

Matthew Weiss just launched a new training series of videos on mixing EDM. It’s actually called Mixing EDM and it’s on sale for 30% off this week. I’m told EDM stands for Excellent Disco Machine. This series includes 14 videos totaling 4.5 hours, an interview with mastering engineer Chris Athens, and multitrack sessions for you […]

Video: Analog Tape Feedback Regenerat...

A short video on using feedback with analog tape.

Video: Slate Digital VMR Demo with ED...

Slate Digital just released the Virtual Mix Rack plugin and while I was trying it out I made a quick demo video. I’m using presets from VMR on each channel, with free DEADMAU5 style loops from LoopPort.   My first impressions review: Lots of fun. Really intuitive to use. Very useable presets. The modules sound […]

Video: Dick Wave

Have you ever noticed that waveforms sometimes resemble certain other things? In this video Geoff and Gavin from Rooster Teeth pass the time trying to draw dicks with their mouth sounds.     Can you do better?