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Category: Tutorials

Video: Analog Tape Feedback Regeneration

A short video on using feedback with analog tape.

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How to transfer photos from a camera to your iPhone in 36 easy steps

As you may already know, I’ve been getting into photography this year, and I’m also pretty active on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I share a…

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Home Mastering Masterclass Online Course

Another round of Ian Shepherd’s excellent Home Mastering Masterclass is starting on June 6th. The course is 8 weeks covering all aspects of audio mastering…

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#HitIt The Ultimate Guide To Drum Programming

#HitIt is a new e-book on drum programming from Chris Nothdurfter. This 150+ page guide to is packed with practical tips, tricks and advice to…


Lessons learned on a weekend tracking gig

The majority of my freelance audio work comes to me through the internet from all over the world. It’s maybe 1 in 10 projects that…


iZotope Free Mixing and Mastering guides

iZotope makes awesome plugins for mixing and mastering, they’ve also done us all a favor and made some great guides to using their plugins for…