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The Ocean recording and mixing new al...

The Ocean are an ‘experimental’ prog-metal band from Germany. They have a new album coming out April 30th called “Palagial” which takes a musical journey to the bottom of the ocean. It is intended to be heard as one continuous 53-minute piece of music. The album was mixed by the amazing Jens Bogren. In these […]

Explosions In This Guy “Surroun...

Explosions In This Guy “Surrounded” song dissection

Community Kitchen Vol. 1 compilation is out now and you can get it free on bandcamp. This compilation was organized and mastered by Kim Lajoie and includes my song Surrounded. Kim has written a short review of the song on his blog and I thought I’d share some background information about how this was recorded. […]

Video: Robots Don’t Sleep EP mi...

In this video Robert Koch talks about his experience mixing his Robots Don’t Sleep EP at the amazing Emil Berliner Studios in Berlin. Robert’s music is electronic with a strong emphasis on songwriting. This project used the studio’s 40s, 50s, 60s vintage processors and tape machines as well as the echo chamber in the studio’s […]

Caspian live performance in studio

Caspian is a post-rock band from Beverly Massachusetts. 5 guys making incredible dynamic and emotional noise. They just released their third album Waking Season, quickly become one of my favorite albums in a long time, certainly one of the best of 2012 for me. This live studio performance for Audiotree live is an emotional rollercoaster […]

Watch this: PressPausePlay

“A film about Hope, Fear and Digital culture”. I checked out this film last weekend after seeing an enthusiastic post about it on a forum. “Every 21st Century artist must watch this” he said, and so I did. The digital revolution of the last decade has unleashed creativity and talent in an unprecedented way, with unlimited […]

Maybeshewill Recording Video

Back in August I posted an interview with Jamie from Maybeshewill. A few days ago they posted a short video made while recording in January.

Drugstore Fanatics Recording "Wh...

Drugstore Fanatics is a band from Los Angeles, their 2009 Self-Produced/recorded album “What’s Born In The Basement” was documented in two ways; A PDF (How We Made A Studio Grade Album for $190) with detailed explanation of the recording process and a series of YouTube videos (see below). You can get their album free (10 […]