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Category: Interesting

Tubescreamer shootout part 3 – frequency response compared

OK OK! Just one more post about Tube Screamers (this week). As I was comparing the plugins in the second shootout I was thinking that…

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DIY Walkman Distortion Effect

Last month I finally found the time to finish one of the DIY projects I’ve had on the go for months. The project was turning a Sony Walkman into a nasty distortion box and I’m really happy I finally finished it.

The concept is simple. Remove the mechanical guts, replace jacks and overload the Walkman amplifier to create distortion. It’s not a tape distortion but I can do that in a different project. Any portable cassette player will work. I like the Sony Sport for it’s great rugged case and memorable look. A player with EQ controls, bass boost or other enhancements could be helpful.


The DJ Mixer Turned Synthesizer, Fun with Feedback Loops

Today I found this Vestax DJ mixer with cool transparent orange case for $8. Even though I had no use for it, how could I…

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Video: Robots Don’t Sleep EP mixing at Emil Berliner Studios

In this video Robert Koch talks about his experience mixing his Robots Don’t Sleep EP at the amazing Emil Berliner Studios in Berlin. Robert’s music is electronic with a strong emphasis on songwriting. This project used the studio’s 40s, 50s, 60s vintage processors and tape machines as well as the echo chamber in the studio’s basement.
Find out more about the studio here:

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