Flexible 3D printed ears for binaural audio capture

THIS IS NOT A HOW-TO! Just something I thought was cool and wanted to share.

Sam (Corridor Digital) has been experimenting with 3D printing scans of his ears for binaural sound capture. He’s using a pair of Sennheiser wireless lav mics inside the fake ear’s canals. For a quick proof of concept experiment, this worked extremely well. Continue reading Flexible 3D printed ears for binaural audio capture

Sunday Jam 07

Last night I wasn’t in the mood to do a Sunday Jam, but that’s not how this works. I forced myself to start and get anything recorded.

I went down the synth path again with several instances of U-He Tyrell and Geist for drums. A lot of time was wasted looking for synth presets and samples.

Sunday Jam 06

I’m made music making a weekly habit. 6 weeks in and I think it’s pretty cool that I already have 4 new songs started. In a year I might have 40 or more song sketches just from 30min-1hr of playing in the DAW each week. A few of them might even be brought to completion.

This time I’m in synth land again, making a retro new wave track with U-He synths and Geist.

The drums are definitely not right. Not having the right drum sounds instantly available is a real creativity killer. As soon as I hear a kick or snare that’s wildly out of style with the genre I lose my train of thought. I’m sure you can spot the exact moment in the video.

Also, I’ve got to get out of the habit of using the same progression for multiple instruments. I do it every time! Why?!?!

Some things become a standard for a reason

Today I bought some more studio headphones, the Sennheiser HD280 Pro. I’ve tried so many different headphones over the past 10 years and here I am back around to the headphones my college recommend back in 2006. Why didn’t I buy them back then?


This is just like how I avoided buying an SM-57 for nearly 10 years. I had other mics that I thought were better. Finally got one and realized that was the sound I had been looking for.
We can waste a lot of money (and time) trying out things that are cheaper or ‘better’ than the standards, sometimes you end up with a closet full of nice mics and an SM-57 on guitar cabinet every time because it just works.

Just some food for thought.

What was something you put off buying for your studio because you thought you knew better?

Sunday Jam 05

Hey 5 weeks of making music on a Sunday. Cool dude.

In this one I decided to go in a electronic path and found myself making a retrowave kind of track. I love the music of Carpenter Brut and Dance With The Dead, but I don’t have the skills to compose at that level.

Working in REAPER as usual. The synths I’m using are Tyrell N6, ReaSynth, and OBXD. Drums are a 909 kit in Geist. Sausage Fattener on the master like a boss.

Sunday Jam 04

In this one I’m continuing on the rough song idea from last week and building up a new song idea.

Sunday Jam 03

Beatzille is one of those synths that inspires songs with every patch. That was the case with this Sunday Jam, I played a note and suddenly had ideas for accompaniment instantly. None of those ideas made it into the recording but that’s normal.

This is still hardly what  you could call a song but it feels like there’s a lot of potential.