Ian Shepherd’s Home Mastering EQ training course

Home Mastering EQMastering Engineer Ian Shepherd (Mastering Media, Production Advice) has released a new video course on equalization in mastering. Home Mastering EQ takes an in-depth look at using a variety of software equalizers in a home studio mastering situation. 6 songs are used for the demonstrations covering several genres.

What Is It ?

Home Mastering EQ is a “deep dive” into using EQ in mastering.

Almost 5 hours of HD videos using a whole new set of musical examples, entirely focused on EQ, EQ and only EQ

You’ll find out:

  • The crucial step you must take before using any EQ
  • The difference between EQ balance and EQ matching – and why it matters
  • Why analogue and digital EQs are different, and when to use them
  • How to “speak EQ” using keywords to remember how different frequencies sound
  • How to translate the way EQ makes you feel into knowing what your music needs

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Ian also has an eBook + Video on getting the most out of Multiband Compression and periodically runs a 12 week online mastering class.

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