Top 10 Free Pro Tools RTAS Plugins

I see this topic come up a lot, “what are the best free rtas plugins?” I’ve answered the question so many times but I’ve never addressed it on the site.
Below is my list of 10 (in no particular order) free 3rd party RTAS plugins I think everyone should have on their system. There are many more out there but these are the ones I use on a regular basis, they are useful and are stable.

  1. Flux Bittersweet 2
  2. Flux Stereo Tool
  3. Brainworx BX_Solo
  4. Brainworx BX_Cleansweep V2
  5. TT Dynamic Range Meter
  6. Massey Plugins demos (download the demos) CT4, L2007, Tapehead & TD5 are excellent
  7. Massey Tools (Mac only)
  8. Studio Devil BVC guitar amp
  9. Kontakt 4 player
  10. KORE 2 player

All plugins are RTAS compatible with Mac or PC except Massey Tools which is Mac only.
I hope you find the list useful.