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Apple Magic Mouse + Magic Prefs Review

When the Magic Mouse was first released I thought it was very cool, but held off on buying it until I heard some first hand reviews. The general consensus is it’s a good mouse, but was a little underwhelming.

I got a Future Shop gift card from my boss (Thanks Jason!) for Christmas and I ordered the Magic Mouse. I’m not going to get into a rant about Future Shop, even though I really want to, that’s not the point of the article. I ordered one…stuff happened…and I have it now.

Magic Mouse

Right off the bat, you’ve got to install the software via Software update or it’s not going to work other than pointing and left and right-click. After a restart it should be ready to rock, er…point I guess I should say.

Design-wise the mouse is very nice, it has a decent weight to it and looks nice like any Apple product, I would prefer aluminum rather than white on top, but it’s still nice. Ergonomically I don’t think it’s great, it’s very low profile and doesn’t feel like my other mice. My hand feels a bit cramped and I wouldn’t say I have large hands at all.

The single finger 360* scrolling is very nice. Works pretty nicely in Pro Tools even.

The options Apple provides to customize the Magic Mouse are minimal. A lot of people I’ve talked to about it said their immediate reaction was “That’s it?” which is never a good thing.

Apple Prefs

Magic Prefs

Now there’s Magic Prefs, a free third-party app to give you uber control of your Magic Mouse. These are the preferences Apple should have provided.

I ran into some weirdness & freezing issues that I’m trying to track down. I had Quickeys and Magic prefs open at once and the system was completely unresponsive and I had to do a hard shutdown. Since then I’ve had system preferences unexpectedly quit and the error message blamed Magic Prefs. No problems in the 2 days since then.

Now Magic Prefs gives you a bunch of options for tapping with multiple fingers and gestures and more, but at this point I’m just getting the hang of using the mouse so I’m keeping most of the options turned off for now. In Snow Leopard you can have custom preferences for each application. I’d say Magic Prefs is worth installing just for the Middle click function.

What I am currently using is:

Middle click = Middle click
Three finger swipe down = expose all windows
Three finger swipe up = Expose Desktop

I’m not using any tapping because I didn’t find it to work like I expected (not same as glass macbook pad)


So is the Magic Mouse worth buying? Sure is as long as you can deal with the very low height of the mouse. Audio Geek Approved!



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