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IKEA makes great furniture for your home studio. Honestly!

Hey there! You’ve probably noticed there are a lot of broken images and links in this article. Part of that is stuff getting lost and partly because IKEA has discontinued products since this was first published. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Today I went to IKEA and picked up a cool inexpensive laptop stand for a great price. I’ve been meaning to write an article about all the stuff IKEA makes that inadvertently is great for recording studios, well today is the day. Some of the stuff in the list is modified and some is just the way it is.

DAVE – Laptop stand

dave laptop stand

You can of course use this as a laptop stand like I am now as I type this, but I think it would also be good for a drum machine, Monome, MicroKorg or other small lightweight electronics. I’ve bought sandwiches more expensive and less satisfying than this table. At this price there’s nothing to complain about except the surface is quite slick. If your laptop (like my MacBook Pro) or other device doesn’t have rubber feet it will slide around, or in the angled position it might slide right off the end! I’ve got some rubber drawer liner stuff that is indispensable (that means essential) for these situations.

EINA – Nightstand

Eina Nightstand

This model used to be called Corras and it’s the exact size inside for rack gear! I think they’re currently only in one color, but I’ve got a black one. In mine I have my interface screwed in about 2 inches from the top, on the movable shelf sits my RE-150 space echo and below that is my modem, router, cables and my DI boxes. If you’re looking for an inexpensive rolling rack try one of these. A couple of examples of these filled up with rack gear are here and here.

EXPEDIT – Bookshelf


I have one of these turned horizontally, on top are all my pet houses (geckos, frog, fish) and inside is a variety of things, microphones, records, cables, magazines and some of my circuitbent toys. Besides their solid build, the width of the shelves is perfect for vinyl records and milk crates. All my  and mic cables are stored in milk crates and just slide into this bookshelf. This larger model might be good as a bass trap, diffuser or room divider. Someone built a nice DIY DJ console using the EXPEDIT bookshelf. Another EXPEDIT DJ console. Don’t over fill it with records or THIS can happen!

REDD – Shoe Rack


The guys with desktop synths or other gear that is awkward when flat (Liquidmix?) LOVE these $5 shoe racks. See some REDD synth action right here.

RAST – Nightstand

Rast nightstand

Add some rack rails or some wood to these and you’ve got very inexpensive stackable racks. Several guys on Gear Slutz have these, I like the EINA more but these will be a bit cheaper and you can paint them. RAST studio racks put to good use.


A lot of people loved the now discontinued JERKER desk for the home studio. They had some cool accessories that bolt onto the sides like speaker shelves. The FREDRIK system is similar but not as study.

I have two of these FADO Lamps behind my desk for soft lighting.

An Ikea dining room table (with the legs trimmed down) can be perfect for a large format console.

This guy made an extra tall stereo mic stand using the GRUNDTON floor lamp. Might wanna look into a sturdier base though.

Ikea storage shelves (don’t know the model) to hold a mouthwatering collection of vintage synths.

A couple of these upside down might be good inexpensive solution for wall mounting your keyboards.

This little cart works for some people. This one has more of a mad science vibe I like.

Very Nice Ikea Bass Traps using BILLY bookshelves. And another using the IVAR system.

ALEX looks good for mic storage.

See, isn’t IKEA great!? Got any IKEA stuff in your studio you love? Anything I missed?

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