Tutorial: Multi-Track Export From Ableton Live

If you want to export each track from your Live session so that you or a professional (like me) can mix in a different DAW, this is what you need to do. (Live 7 is shown in the example)

First of all:

  • Make sure your song is in arrange mode
  • Make a reference mix of what the song sounds like right now
  • turn off any effects that are unnecessary (reverbs, compression, especially on the vocals)

Your session

This is your song in arrange view.

Menu Option for export

From the file menu, select Export Audio/Video…

Render Options

Export Audio/Video window:

  • Rendered track: All Tracks
  • Normalize: OFF
  • Render As Loop: OFF
  • File Type: WAV
  • Convert to Mono: OFF
  • Sample Rate: 44100
  • Bit Depth: 16
  • Dither Options: POW-r 3
  • Create Analysis file: OFF

Click OK

name the files

Name the files, well actually just the prefix, exporting all tracks doesn’t keep the track names.

the waiting

Wait for the render to complete.

The exported files

Hey look at that! A wav file for each track and effect return, as well as one for the master. Unfortunately they aren’t named how they were in the song. (Maybe in future versions) You can delete the returns and the your_song.wav (master) one as they aren’t needed.

That was easy!

Now you can upload the files to somewhere like http://drop.io or the studio’s FTP.